Secure Payments through Card Lifecycle Management

We specialize in card-based secure payments. Aconite Technology products provide the critical components of an EMV-capable card management platform that will:

  • issue smart cards and track their lifecycles 
  • authorize their transactions
  • implement risk management by updating card and account credentials
  • capture and distribute PINs electronically.

Explore each of these areas for a more detailed look at the EMV ecosystem and the specific functions that the Aconite Technology products deliver:


Card Issuance

When EMV smart cards are personalized, the cardholder data (i.e. cardholder name, card number, expiry date etc.) is engraved or embossed onto the plastic of the card,  the magnetic stripe is encoded and the security code printed into the signature field. Finally, embedded in the card or on the front behind the metal contact plate, the chip must be personalized with card and security data which has been created as part of the card ordering process.
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Transaction Authorization

By presenting their card at the Point of Sale (POS), cardholders can transact at merchants because the issuing bank and the merchant use the same payment scheme, and because both trust the payment scheme and their respective banks to sort out the flow of funds between cardholder and merchant.
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ePIN Management

The whole world – including banking – is coming online and we can get most everything electronically on our device of choice (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.).
Why wait for the PIN in the mail, or change it by phone, when we can do it in-app? By using digital channel banking for PIN capture and distribution, issuers can cut costs, eliminate the risk of PIN Mailer interception and reduce delays in card activation – whether for credit, debit, prepaid, gift or loyalty cards.
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When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
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The peculiar thing about robustness is that you often only realize whether you have it or not when you need it the most. Aconite Technology systems are engineered to withstand the robustness test when you need to rely on it the most – and we're here to help as well, with round-the-clock worldwide support.