Aconite Technology

We are payment card security integrators, in the payment systems space.

We enable our clients to

  • manage card based payment applications.
  • transact and authorize card based transactions.
  • manage PINs electronically (doing away with paper-based PIN mailers).

In other words, we deliver large, complex projects involving payments security, and we do this though a milestone-based, delivery model.

Delivery Model


We send our experts onsite to work with your team during a several-day kick-off workshop. Armed with the knowledge of what your team wants to achieve alongside the deep know-how of our experts, our experts go home and draft a plan for you, our client, to consider.

Next step is for us (Aconite Technology) to specify in detail what needs to be delivered, and when.

During this stage, milestones are defined and planned, according to the needs and required timeframe of you, our client, often starting with a Proof of Concept (PoC) or Pilot, followed by launch through ramp-up, until fully rolled out.

Develop, Test, Deliver
For each milestone, our R&D team uses the corresponding specification to develop, test, and deliver. At this point, we will typically engage face to face with you and your team again, to make sure that appropriate training and transfer of knowledge is carried out.

Following delivery (of any milestone) the idea is to let you, our client operate according to what was planned and delivered. We remain available to support you along the way thereafter, as well as to help you with any required change management along the way, when required.

Deployment Model

Resulting from the above delivery model, our clients are able to control their projects, milestone by milestone, from Pilot / PoC (proof of concept) through to full-scale roll-out.