Forgotten or Unknown PIN - the Scenario That Nobody Wants

It is a cardholder's nightmare when the PIN they remember (or don't quite remember) becomes the source of a declined transaction.
In turn, from the issuers perspective, sending out PIN mailers from security printing facilities is costly and slow, and grinds on customer satisfaction.

Keeping Track of PINs

The Aconite PIN Management System helps ensure that on the back-end of the issuer, PINs can be validated and updated whenever required.

Real-time PIN Management in a Multi-Channel Banking Setting

In addition to relying on PIN mailers, typically, issuers allow cardholders to select or change PINs in branch, or by phone (using IVR systems) - often discussed as part of the issuer's multi channel banking strategy. However, with the world going online and mobile, increasingly, cardholders would like to be able to change their PINs when logged onto internet or mobile banking, but for the longest time, issuers have been concerned about the security with doing so. Aconite Technology's state-of-the-art PIN management client allows for seamless integration with modern web implementations and mobile apps.