Payments in Healthcare

Healthcare Payments often involve many different constituents: The healthcare insurance provider, healthcare organization, healthcare providers, healthcare professionals, pharmacies, ambulance service providers, etc. and not least, the patients. Almost universally common for all, is that they rely on payments.

In cases where the patients are involved in payments towards any of the service providers, it makes sense to consider that efficiencies can be gained to the benefit of all constituents as well as to the benefit of the healthcare scheme, overall. This can be achieved by introducing a payment system that enables all of the constituents to transact using payment cards.


Card Based Payments

There are many good reasons to introduce healthcare scheme branded payment cards. On the one hand, it helps cement branding and provide convenience, empowering patients and healthcare professionals alike. At the same time, introducing chip based payment cards allows you to:

  • Increase security and thereby reduce fraud
  • Perform real-time transaction validation
  • Cut losses and cut down on resources spent on debtor management

Sacred Right to Privacy

Patient and Consumer rights and privileges include not only the ability to receive service, but also includes the inalienable right to privacy. Consumer and Patient Privacy Protection laws are as important as PCI (Payment Card Industry)  requirements. Aconite is used to working with and satisfying various requirements, subject to regional laws.


Aconite Technology for Healthcare Payments

Aconite Technology is highly experienced in payments for healthcare schemes. Based on our vast experience in helping large health organizations on exactly this, we would be pleased to tell you about how we can help you implement a cost-effective, state of the art payments based ticketing system. Please contact us to set up an initial appointment.