Ticketing in transit must be fast, secure and highly resilient in terms availability and robustness.

Contactless and mobile ticketing built on or modelled on EMV® is designed to be fast.

Technology and a BYOD strategy on payment method

From a rider's perspective, convenience is treasured, and passengers tend to enjoy being able to pay with the method of choice:

  • Mobile App (in which the card information is stored)
  • Mobile Wallet using RFID with NFC, or plastic (in which the mobile device emulates a contactless chip card)
  • EMV Payment Cards (Contact or contactless using RFID with NFC)

Open-loop vs Closed-Loop Payments

Typically, large-scale operators will try to balance the mix of usability and convenience, with cost of acceptance. For instance, in a domestic setting, typically up to three tiers of schemes will be used to address the full spectrum of the market:

  1. Homegrown Ticketing System (potentially combined with the above or direct debit / SEPA payments) - typically used to address commuters.
  2. Domestic Payment Scheme - typically used to address domestic travels for single of day tickets.
  3. International Payment Scheme - typically used to address international travelers for single or day tickets.

Aconite Technology for Mass Transit Payments

Aconite Technology is highly experienced in payments and ticketing for mass transit operators. Based on our vast experience in helping large transit operators on exactly this, we would be pleased to tell you about how we can help you implement a cost-effective, state of the art payments based ticketing system. Please contact us to set up an initial appointment.

She’s got a ticket to ride.
— Lennon & McCartney, 1965
Fast Ticketing with NFC

Fast Ticketing with NFC

Fast Validation with QR Codes

Fast Validation with QR Codes

Fast Validation with OTP

Fast Validation with OTP